About Jack Moscrop, the Travel Writer

I find it strange to think of myself as Jack Moscrop, the Travel Writer because even though the travel writing has always been so much a part of my life, it remains secondary to the actual ‘doing’ of whatever activity I eventually write about. Living is what gives me the opportunity to write and for that I am extremely grateful.

Where I started

I grew up in the East Anglian flat-lands and consequently had a deep attraction to the mountains. I believe, however, that the fens and fields allowed me to develop a sense of freedom which has never left me and will always carry me up mountains and into the ocean.

When I became “Jack Moscrop, the Travel Writer”

jack moscrop, travel writer, the early years, honda 400 4I had my first article published when I was in my early twenties and followed the most common advice given to writers, namely ‘Write about what you know’.

So I wrote a piece called “Wind, Wheels and Whiskey”. Others may say I am full of wind, I don’t know much about whiskey, but luckily I’m passionate about wheels – motorcycle wheels at that time, and this story followed a tour of Scotland on an old overloaded Honda 400 with no brakes.

Growing Passions

Although I loved a motorcycles thrilling acceleration and cornering g-forces, I began to find the noise, smell and clobber separated me too much from the natural world. I wanted to play closer to it and began mountain biking, skiing and any other sports which brought me into closer contact with the elements. With these new interests came the desire to capture the experiences in words and pictures to both deepen and, if I am honest remember them. Luckily I found magazine editors who liked my passions and encouraged me to keep sharing them.

I hope you enjoy some of the stories and photographs on this site too.


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