Craigieburn Powder Skiing – New Zealand

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Jack Moscrop
Written by Jack Moscrop

“Beginner Slopes? Er . . . None” Published in Ski and Board. Storm powder skiing at Craigieburn club resort in New Zealand.

Powder Skiing Fanatic

A perfect stellar flake fell serenely through the night sky. It looked the same as the millions of others spilling from the storm’s quiet heart, undisturbed by frontal winds which had already passed by, drifting through the Alpine woods towards the sparkling blanket of whiteness already coating everything in sight.

But this flake wasn’t the same.

It crept through the uppermost spindles of an ancient tree and landed on a thick branch. Its delicate kiss struck a final treacherous blow, splitting the branch from its trunk and wrenching the roots from their tenuous grip on the thin mountain soil. The tree’s scream tore through the woods, easily penetrating the cabin window, startling me awake…

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