Skiing Holidays – Good & Bad

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Jack Moscrop
Written by Jack Moscrop

“Rep Roaring Fun In the Rock Garden” Published In Ski And Board. Skiing Holidays can be good and bad. In Verbier we had both in one off-piste day which started amazing and ended with a helicopter evacuation.

Skiing holidays – The Good

Our chairlift drifted slowly by gully, after gully.
“It’s that one!” I said.
“No, it’s there, look!” Pete replied. He leaned forward, making the chairlift rock, and pointed at a completely different chute up the rock face.
“We’ve gone past it,” Rob chimed in.

I looked back down at the map. Maybe Rob was right. I never found it easy to translate the map’s maze of contours. Pete could have been right too.

“Sorry guys,” Bill intervened with an authoritative air, “None of you are right. We can’t see it yet.”
Bill was the Verbier Ski Club rep. He knew the lay of the land from speaking to people in bars, skiing with the locals, and checking out the best routes himself. That meant all we had to do was roll up to a designated meeting point, shake his hand, and let him select a route.

Based on our experience, he had chosen The Rock Garden, so we made our way to the top of the Chassoure lift. We checked our transceivers and slid off, quickly replacing the soft whoosh of corduroy with the crunch and squeak of rougher snow. I always find that spurt of extra resistance a bittersweet sensation.
This time it was sweeter than normal, because…

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Skiing Holidays advice: Some ski insurance doesn’t cover off-piste – always check before you buy it.

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