Travel Bloggers Influencer Network

I am part of a network of dynamic and active travel bloggers known as the top experts in the industry. We regularly share one another’s posts through a broad network of popular social media channels. When you work with me, your message is delivered through our website and social media reach of 30k followers PLUS through my collaboration with dozens of the world’s top influencers in social media and blogging.

Here are some of the members of this TBIN group . . .

2foodtrippers: Daryl and Mindi are a married couple traveling the world in search of great food and special adventures. They share their meals and experiences on their site as well as with their 48K+ social media followers.

2TravelDads  traveling the globe giving their kids a broad world-view, Rob and Chris share their stories, travel tips and favorite destinations for family or couples travel. From their site to their social media, they’re all about sharing the fun (and honest) side of traveling with kids with nearly 20k other travelers and families.

60 Second Escapes  Desiree is an award-winning freelance writer and television news journalist who loves to travel for business and pleasure, with family and alone.  She has a personal social media reach of more than 25k, sharing videos of her adventures on 60SecondEscapes and stories of inspiration on her other site which features travel, StressFreeBaby.

Arnie and Jo: Are on the Go! Arnie and Jo are husband and wife boomers based in Washington State who, by sharing trip information, helpful relevant product reviews, and personal travel experiences, hope to influence other boomers to get off the couch and enjoy adventurous travel as well. Our following is small, about 3K across all platforms, but growing.

A Brit and A Southerner  Chris and Heather ‘Explore the World One Weekend at a Time’ as they combine their love of travel with their full-time jobs. From history to architecture, they love experiencing everything destinations have to offer and are focused on inspiring their 35k social media followers and 40k monthly visitors to travel the world.

A Cork, Fork, & Passport Julie combines her love of food and wine, travel, family, and technology to create her lifestyle magazine, now in its 7th year online. Julie has partnered with several international brands, is a member of IFWTA and NATJA, and has a social media reach of 36K.

A Luxury Travel Blog Paul has been running A Luxury Travel Blog for more than 10 years and been recognised as one of the leading travel blogs and ‘best for luxury’ by The Daily Telegraph, as well as being a recent winner of WIRED’s Best Travel Influencer Award, and Best Travel Blog in the Travelmole Web Awards. Currently ranked #1 in the Rise #travel1k top 1000+ travel blogs and has a combined social media reach of 1.2 million+.

Backroad Planet Howard and Jerry enjoy scouting off-the-beaten path destinations around the world and engaging with their 66K+ audience. Their many brand partnerships have led them on roadtrips with Visit Florida & Ford, campaigns with Megabus & Auto Europe, and continued sailings with Viking Cruises.

Beloved Atmosphere Amy is a storyteller and photographer who relishes travelling to faraway countries while sharing her discoveries in food, outdoor adventures, family life and education. She and her contributors hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones to explore the world through travel, food and nature, and have 16K+ followers across multiple social media channels following their adventures.

BlondeBrunetteTravel Kay Dougherty and her sister are active, adventuresome Baby Boomers who bring their smartypants wit to their global travel experiences. They make their sponsors happy with their engaging content and their audience of 66K keeps coming back for more.

The Boho Chica Natasha is a Dubai-based travel writer and digital storyteller who explores the world in cultures, cuisines and hiking trails. With a reach of well over 30k+ social media followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and SnapChat, her blog is a place that will both inspire your next adventure and help you make the most of it.

Champagne Living Zippy Sandler is a baby boomer travel and lifestyle writer creating stories that span the gamut from luxury, to solo, couples and even how to live the luxury life without breaking the bank. With over 200k+ on her social media channels and a monthly readership on her blog of over 300,000 monthly viewers, she brings the best of the world to her loyal followers both on her blog as well as to readers of her various freelance outlets.

Circus Living Cat and her rambunctious family of five, as part of Circus Living, feature travel entries, artist interviews, and product/toy reviews oriented towards paranormal and fantastical themes, as well as posts on Montreal-based (their current hometown) attractions and events. Circus Living is a new blog (2 years old) which currently has a combined social media reach of 10,000+. Ricky Shetty is the owner and operator of the popular family-friendly website where he writes about parenting from a father’s perspective. The website focused on product reviews, interviews with dads, and family travel recommendations for parents with young kids

DidntFathomThat Kristi Trimmer has been a solo female full-time traveler for 3.5+ years and has been blogging for over 8 years where she covers adventure and eco-luxury travel, as well as craft beer and boutique wines wherever she may roam. Kristi has road tripped over 50,000 miles and has worked with Southwest Airlines and numerous Tourism boards while covering the Unites States, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

Dish Our Town Andrew, Brenda and Bailey are a family of 3 from NYC, traveling the world, one dish at a time. They are also regular contributing writers for and Huffington Post; and have also partnered with The Peninsula Hotels, The Dorsett Hotels, Auto Europe, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Umbria, Context Travel and other brands, with a combined audience of approximately 15K+ and growing everyday.

Divine Lifestyle is a luxury travel & lifestyle blog run by Stacie Haight Connerty along with her husband. Stacie has a highly engaged social media following of over 370,000 fans and insatiable wanderlust, and is the Vacation Rentals and Shares Expert on which gets in excess of 65 million page views per month.

Duke Stewart Carl Hedinger (writes as Duke Stewart) is a recovering Expat who writes about life through travel stories and guides. His wife Christina provides high-quality photos that accompany each post that goes out to 15K+ followers, and their work has been featured in various publications throughout the world.

Drifter Planet Sonal Kwatra Paladini is a hippie travel writer with flowers in her hair – has been bitten by the infamous travel bug, and has an itch to explore resort-free destinations, offbeat islands and small villages. Join Sonal and her husband Sandro on their journey as they hop from one music festival to another and explore the beautiful world that they are in love with, as they reach 34.5K+ on social media.

Flashpacking Duo Claire and Dom have travelled as much as a 9-5 lifestyle allows, but they are about to give up their jobs and embark on a 3 year RTW trip visiting over 15 countries. They are currently working on building up their blog and social media presence which currently stands at 5.5k+.

Frugal first class travel Jo wasn’t always the Chief Frugalista.  Now she travels to Europe annually in First Class, with the tiniest suitcase imaginable, and loves to show her savvy 40 000 plus Frugalistas exactly how she does it as well as sharing interesting and unexpected European experiences that demonstrate you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a first class time.

Getting Stamped Hannah and Adam have been traveling the world full-time since 2013 and have no end in sight. Adam is the man behind the camera in their amazing photographer, and Hannah manages their social media reach with over 150,000 on Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc all handles @GettingStamped.

Globetotting Between them, Victoria and Katja have trekked in Nepal with toddlers, visited Machu Picchu with kids, sailed Panama’s San Blas Islands as a family, and more. Globetotting aims to inspire and inform their 17K+ audience that there is more to family travel than Disney!

Go Epicurista Christina is hospitality consultant and freelance food writer on a mission to #MakeSomedayHappen one delicious bite, sip and trip at a time. She celebrates great food and wine experiences everywhere she goes, especially in her hometown of Orlando FL, inspiring her 20K online friends to GO visit new restaurants, take their dream trip and do all the things on their “someday list”.

The Go Fever Catherine is a part-time traveler looking to maximize her vacation days; she thrives on extraordinary experiences in exotic destinations all around the globe, looking to inspire others to do the same through destination guides, storytelling and photo journals. Her social media reach is 6K+ across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

In The Loop Travel John Roberts is an expert on adventure, fitness and cruise travel. John has been on more than 40 cruises, from the rivers to oceans and explored more than 30 countries during his journeys, bringing a fun perspective to his reviews, guides and travel tips in an effort to help his engaged social media audience of more than 20,000 across Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube, travel happy, travel fit and travel often.

Jey Jetter: Julia is a German digital nomad and location independent since 2011 who started blogging in 2015. She offers travel tips for long-term travellers and covers topics relevant for digital nomads and lifestyle design. Jey Jetter Travel & Lifestyle Blog has a growing social media reach of 10K+ across several channels.

Justin Plus Lauren Justin and Lauren are a Canadian vegan couple who love outdoor adventures, discovering wildlife kindly and responsibly, and uncovering the history and natural beauty of the planet. Justin Plus Lauren has a growing social media reach of 60K+ across several channels.

Just Go Places Shobha is an American expat living in London with her family and is interested in luxury, cultural and family travel.  Just Go Places has a current social media reach of 20K+ across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Learning Escapes Marta is an Italian expat in Ireland with a passion for cultural travel that she now shares with her two small children. Her family travel blog documents their home exchange experiences in Europe and beyond and is currently reaching an audience of over 12K+ across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Life is Full of Adventures Rossana is a Canadian gluten free traveller who loves to explore and discover new adventures in travel and food with family and as a solo traveler. Social media reach 16K+ across twitter, facebook and instagram.

Little Things Travel Marissa is a travel blogger who strongly believes in the little things in life and that travel can be a driver for positive change in big and little ways. The resources, guides, and stories she writes are geared toward showing her community of 15K how to overcome obstacles to travel and always be a responsible traveler on every trip.

London Unattached  Fiona is a London lifestyle and travel blogger focussed on food, cultural travel and luxury. Social media reach is currently 392K over instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook.

McCool Travel Charles is a how-to travel expert, author, trainer, and blogger, regularly ranked as a top 1% travel industry influencer with a social media following in excess of 20K. He has profiled over 100 travel experts—from author Paul Theroux to Travel Channel host Samantha Brown—in his interview series and shares hidden destinations and insider tips in his 8 Great article series.

Mom Endeavors  Sara, a creative lifestyle and family travel blogger, is always ready for the next adventure with her 3 young boys and is a firm believer in the benefits of travel for kids & families – whether that’s short trips exploring in your own backyard or jet-setting to exotic international locales. With a social media following over 100k, Sara has worked with many brand partners/destinations and also contributes to Family Vacation Critic.

MomsGoodEats is based on Savoring Bites of Food, Travel and Life Done Well and reaches over 50K in social media – the reach is true consumers. Dana is a also Luxe TravelingMom on TravelingMom (2M eyes) with her business partner Sherry. The focus on all 3 sites is traveling as a local with luxury and taking full advantage of once in a lifetime experiences wherever they are.

MonkBoughtLunch Stephen is a travel photographer and writer based in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, and his MonkBoughtLunch travel blog follows his adventures as an independent budget traveler through Central Asia, the Silk Road, and beyond. With a focus on active engagement with nature, culture, and active travels, Stephen’s combined social media following tops 20k+, with a preference towards photography-friendly mediums such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Mum on the Move Marianne travels with her two young kids in tow, checking out fun and adventurous activities in her destinations, and checking into luxury hotels and resorts along the way. Her family travel blog Mum on the Move is only one year old but already has an engaged social media reach of over 11k.

No Back Home Karilyn and her family enjoy exploring at home in Southern California and around the world. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences abroad, they love experiencing everything destinations have to offer, while also inspiring their 51K social media followers to get out and explore more with their kids!

Nomadic Boys are gay couple Stefan and Sebastien eating their way around the world. Over the past 2 years they used their blog to chronicle their adventures through Asia and have built a social media following of over 100,000 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and are now dancing their way around Latin America for the next few years.

NomadicChica  Gloria is a Chilean exploring the world for more than 15 years, focusing on travel photography, solo travel and exclusive experiences shared daily with her growing 40K+ audience. This had led to many brand partnerships in Asia, Europe and South America with with hotels, tourism companies and Latam Airlines.

Nomadic Lives explores cultural, local and experiential travel in offbeat locations with a modest, but fierce following of 4.5k across its social media and email channels. Sanket, the dusky charmer behind Nomadic Lives’ describes his story as that of a twenty-something brown guy trying to traverse the invisible boundaries of global travel on a third-world passport!

NomadWomen was created by Donna to empower mature women – baby boomers and beyond – to get up, get out, and see the world; and if you love to travel, it aims to help you do it more and better. Combined social media followers of 30K+.

Oh darling, let’s be adventurers is a Swedish travel blog by Helena Gunnare, focusing on travel photography and outdoor adventures. Oh darling, let’s be adventurers reaches more than 10k on different social media channels.

One Road at a Time Traveling through life together for 38 years, husband and wife team, Abi and Patti, launched One Road at a Time in 2012. With a social media audience of over 8K, their blog offers readers a variety of content including classic road trips, adventures abroad, hospitality intrigue, and the latest trends in retirement.

One Tiny Leap is a UK based family travel blog by Maria Belfort, created to inspire families to get the confidence to travel and explore with their children. One Tiny Leap has an engaged following of 13k+ followers across social media.

Our Family Travel Adventures Jennifer and Rich have been traveling the world full time with their 3 boys since 2013. Their focus is family travel and they have almost 20K followers on social media.

Pint Size Pilot Tara Cannon is a family travel blogger who writes about unique and educational travel experiences to enjoy with kids in tow. Pint Size Pilot currently has 14K+ social media followers.

Power Couple Life Tiana and Shannon are full-time travelers that focus on luxury travel, food, photography, and adventure on their blog, which they started in September 2014 – then quit their 9-5s in Los Angeles to blog and travel full-time in 2015. They have been featured in Mashable videos, a Cathay Pacific Airlines campaign and frequently contribute to Elite Daily and Matador Network, and their social media reach is over 65k.

Pretty in the Queen City Amelia is passionate about sharing her love of family travel and philanthropy with over 12K followers. She hopes to encourage individuals and families to not only travel, but to immerse themselves in the cultures of the places they are visiting and to open their arms to the communities by making a lasting impact while there. Eden and Denny are an age-gap couple who are experienced house-sitters that travel full time in search of new cultures, locations and fascinating ways of living. Not sure where or when they will put their bags down for good, they explore the globe and share it with their engaged social following of 5k+, from both the 40 something and the baby boomer view.

Sand and Snow…and everywhere in between! is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring road trip tales, food and drink hot spots, tech, talk, and Disney. Karyn Locke, her husband Steven, and “The Kid” love searching for the best hotels, restaurants, and activities everywhere they go and fall in love with each new place they visit while sharing the highlights with their 34K followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. A travel, lifestyle blog documenting Salwa kisswani’s stays within various cities around the world in a story-based reflection-ed posts, with a heavily use of pictures and videos. With more than 30k of social media followers combined, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Jaillan Yehia is a British travel writer, magazine editor and blogger specialising in discerning, stylish and boutique travel experiences. A highly experienced media industry professional with a longstanding career in travel PR and marketing and print journalism, she runs a blog with a combined social media following of 10K+. (8/8) by Katja Presnal. Skimbaco Lifestyle’s mission is to inspire living life to the fullest, and the website covers global lifestyle with emphasis on travel, food and wellness and raising global citizens. Founder of #IGtravelThursday. The Presnal family reaches over 500K followers on social media. (8/8)

Surfing the Planet Rachele and Gábor are an Italian-Hungarian blogger couple (living in Barcelona at the moment) who launched their blog on the occasion of their year and a half long round the world trip. They share their travel stories focusing on local traditions and photography in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Italian) with their 55K+ followers on their social media pages.

The Savvy Globetrotter Patti is an avid traveller who has traveled to over 40 countries and all 7 continents. She has a combined social media following of 5.7K+ and focuses on how to travel smart, providing tips and tricks on everything from packing, travel hacking and traveling on a budget.

The Roaming Renegades Nic and Paul are a husband and wife team of adventure travellers who quit their 9-5 jobs to create a lifestyle based around their love for travel. They are currently on a long term journey around the world starting in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and have a following of 15K+ across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Travel Photo Discovery Noel is a professional photographer, freelance writer and blogger who travels the world and explores popular topics in culture and history, food, adventure and luxury experiences, world heritage sites and other exotic destinations. His social media reach combined is over 60K+ highly engaged followers across his platforms.

The Daily Adventures of Me Jamie’s goal is to savor the adventure in each day, place, story and taste, which she does while being the mom of three boys and running a dental practice and sharing the experiences with you. With a combined social media reach of over 15,500+ followers.

Travel with the Smile Maya and Michal are adventure and outdoor lovers spending most of the time in the mountains biking, running, jumping off cliffs, hiking and providing off the beaten path tips for the Canadian Rockies and beyond. They are soon to depart for a long term adventure to Central America, South America and New Zealand while sharing stories with their audience of 5K+ and growing.

Trucosviajeros Leticia is a tech addict and solo traveler with a curious mind. She loves to share practical tips and inspiration with a community of +5K. Winner of #KayakHacksIceland

Two Scots Abroad Gemma and Craig are full time workers with a life-long travel habit – flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Make travel happen, join the 19K other travel lovers on Two Scots Abroad social media.

Vagrants Of The World Travel Vagrants Of The World Travel focus on slow travel, iconic journeys and boutique holiday experiences. They have worked with some of the world’s finest boutique hotels and small group tour companies, have an ongoing relationship with Viking Cruises, are members of PTBA and ITWA and have a combined SM reach of 35K+.

Walking On Travels Keryn is a freelance writer and travel blogger who focuses on family travel, and girlfriend and parent getaways that everyone can enjoy, no matter their ages. Reaching 36K+ on social media and even more on her site, Keryn is showing that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great food, museums, shops, city walks, gorgeous beaches and all of the things you loved pre-kids.

Wander on the Weekend Sara Beth, a lover of road trips and national parks, spends her weekends exploring her big American backyard. She has a following of nearly 1K on her recently separated her travel-related social media accounts, and a total of 4.5k combined.

Wandering Wagars Kevin and Christina are working parents who share experiences, tips and tricks about family travel in an effort to encourage other parents to try family adventure travel. With a social media following of over 6K and growing fast, they are making waves in the family travel industry.

The Daily Adventures of Me was named #15 on RISE Top 1000 Travel Blogs, due to her high levels of social media engagement.

The Travelling Lindfields Lyn and David are husband and wife baby boomers whose travel blog is entering its fifth year. They have a social media reach of 15K followers and their blog attracts a loyal and engaged readership who value their honest reviews of attractions, destinations and accommodation.

The Traveling Praters Tonya is a family travel writer on the verge of empty nest travel. Once a full-time RVer, she longs to return to the nomadic life with her husband and explore the U.S. one state at a time, sharing her experience with 35K+ social media followers.

The Wandering Gourmand Bryan enjoys exploring the world via craft beer and food and sharing his experiences with his growing audience of 4K+ followers. His many partnerships include TripIt,, Tourism Ireland, and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Association.

The Working Mom’s Travels Francesca is a Chicago-based travel blogger and full-time working mom of two who aims to show that working parents can still enjoy what they fancy in life (for her: travel, music festivals, and bourbon), even after having kids. Francesca has an organic, ever-growing social media following of 14K, and is a member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association.

Traveling Bytes Elena and Andrei are two location-independent professionals combining running their technology company with a perpetual slow travel around the world. Their blog provides travel advice and resources based on firsthand experience and chronicles their 3 years and counting journey through 24 countries scattered over 5 continents, and has a steadily-growing entirely organic social media reach of 34K+ across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Travel Passionate Chrysoula is a passionate traveler who loves history, nature and food. Her blog is focused on her trips to Greece and Europe and she provides travel tips, destination guides, hotel, tours and restaurant reviews. Her social media reach is over 18K+

Traveling Thru History  Erin is a history lover and former expat who has been traveling since 2012. She shares in-depth historic information about the sites she visits, personal experiences from her travels, travel tips, destination guides, and cultural information with her 4K+ followers.

Travel to Recovery Jenni went through a life-threatening illness that has made her realise how short life is, and she is living her dream of travelling to all the amazing places out there. She shares information about her experiences, gives hints and tips, will try anything new, and currently has a social media reach of 10k.

Wander With Wonder Susan uses her 30+ years of writing experience to share authentic luxury food, wine and travel experiences with her readers. Now in her fifth year operating WanderWithWonder, Susan has partnered with several international brands including Travelocity, is a member of IFWTA and SATW, and has a social media reach of 40K.

Watch Us Wander follows husband and wife team, Ryan and Kelly McDaniel, as they document their travels around the world through video. They share their stories, adventures, funny moments and advice with their following of 1.2K+ on social media and YouTube and hope to inspire others through their journeys. Viv Chapleo & Jill Hoelting are the co-founders and editors of – Women’s Adventures, Vacations & Experiences ~ Your Journey Starts Here! – which was established in 2005 with main areas of focus on river and ocean cruising, sailing and boating, luxury beach resorts, gourmet dining, cooking trips, wine, beer and spirit experiences, cycling and soft-adventures in the great outdoors. The women’s online travel magazine provides valuable first-hand recommendations to a worldwide audience, and their vast influence and social media reach of 50+K is well-established, effective and professional.

Western New Yorker Liz Cleland is a roaming blogger who’s lucky enough to call Western New York her home. She fills her webpages with my lifestyles, foods & travel adventures and contributes for several websites, including the Huffington Post

Wherever I May Roam Blog Melody and Taylor (mother/daughter) are multi-generational luxury travel, culture, and food bloggers who love to indulge but with a side of smart spending. They are cruise, theme park, festival, and unique activities experts and enthusiasts who live in Florida, Panama, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

The World Pursuit Natasha and Cameron are an American couple with a dream to see the world. They have traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents and have a combined social media following of 25k+.

Wyld family Travel  City Wanderers, Country Explorers, History Junkies, Castle Seekers, We are Mark, Bec, Willow and Marley, They are Wyld Family Travel. Focused on destinations in Europe and Australia with social media reach of over 21K+.

Also a special thanks to Laurie Archer for her invaluable help compiling my Travel Inspiration Quiz!