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Jack Moscrop
Written by Jack Moscrop

“A Fernie Fantasy” Published in Ski. Backcountry skiing powder, in-bounds? Yes, and it doesn’t get better than the woods in the Fernie ski resort.

Storm Heaven at Fernie Ski Resort

“I’d like to delay my return flight another week please,” I told the travel agent, a slight crackle on the international line. Or perhaps the crackle was in my voice. I was exhausted.
“Still snowing?” She asked.

I rubbed a clear patch in the condensation fogging the rented apartment window. Curtains of flat flakes blended mountain into sky, turning any sense of direction topsy-turvy to the point of motion sickness.
“Big time!” I replied.

The weather had been socked in like this for several days. Typically, a catch-22: fresh powder loads the whole mountain, but terrible visibility makes skiing impossible. So why change my flight? To wait for the storm to clear? Nope, because I’d been skiing the storm every day, from first to last lifts, for the past week. Hence my fatigue. A fatigue that tried to hold me in bed, praying for it to stop snowing. A fatigue that could only be banished by one thing…

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